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Best World International moves into the era of Industry 4.0

Taking the leap towards Industry 4.0, Best World International recently invested SGD 88 million into its state-of-the-art DR’s Secret manufacturing facility in Singapore, spanning a gross floor area of 7,307 square metres. The plant is currently undergoing a series of commissioning works and is expected to commence operations in the third quarter of 2022. The fully automated site will see a set of DR’s Secret products produced in less than one minute, with the entire production process completed within the facility – water purification, homogenisation, fully automated filling, cartoning, overwrapping, case packing and palletising.

The facility is also equipped with a complete laboratory, including a microbiology laboratory, to perform more comprehensive testing of raw materials and finished products. The new site will adopt Industry 4.0 best practices, including transparency, timely access to information and analysis of data to achieve overall data connectivity, with the aim of improving production efficiency.

Through deeper integration and streamlining of automated production processes, the new site is expected to have a production capacity of 100,000 units of products daily when fully operational. Based on this figure, the facility will be able to reach a maximum annual output of approximately SGD 2.27 billion worth of products.

Continuous efforts towards green, low-carbon sustainable development

Best World believes in sustainable development and has put this into practice for many years.

This begins from the minimalistic packaging of DR’s Secret products since the brand was founded. In recent years, the brand has gradually shifted to use recycled materials and environmentally friendly packaging that are certified to contribute to sustainable forest conservation in response to the global movement towards lower carbon production. The raw materials used in the inner packaging have also been continuously adjusted as we seek for greener options.

Moving forward, Best World will continue to make social responsibility a core principle and further integrate environmental protection and resource conservation into our production processes, as we strive towards reducing our global carbon footprint.

The above content was first published on the China Internet Information Center, Xinhuanet, China News, China Daily, Global Times and other official Chinese media outlets.

Reference source: The China Internet Information Center

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