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Our Brands

Inner Harmony

Our health depends on the food we consume. Yet in today’s world, our diets often lack the nutrients needed to keep us at the pink of health. Our nutritional supplement and weight management products give your body vital natural nutrients and let you stay in shape and optimum health, so that you can always remain energetic, radiant and positive.

Known for its unique formulae, the Avance range of products is built on the guarantees of Efficacy, Purity and Concentration for the optimal benefits of our consumers.

Advocating care from within, Avance’s comprehensive range of specially formulated products ensures both you and your family can enjoy greater overall health.

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Optrimax offers a range of effective weight management products that are gentle because they work simply by optimising your inherent body processes.

Lead the life you desire without any compromise to your busy schedule with these products that can be easily integrated into your lives.

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Outer Harmony

Our confidence is often affected by how well we feel and look. Yet without care, our skins usually succumb to the wearing of age. Our skincare and personal care products restore and recondition your skin thus transforming it to reveal your natural beauty.

Great skin is now no longer a dream, but a reality. You too, can be confident in flawless makeup-free skin.

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Miraglo’s patented ultrafine microfibres are designed to go between the keratinized cells of the epidermis, lifting these dead cells delicately with precision and removing 99% of the impurities on the skin surface.

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PentaLab creates a respite for your body in the midst of life’s challenges. We fuse attentive care with luxurious comfort to bring wellness to your body and relaxation to your soul.

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