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Being part of the team at Best World allows you to work with the best people in the industry to introducing quality products into the lives of our customers. Working so closely with the product, you can see the correlation between the product and the bottom line, giving the team a unique perspective on what it takes to be successful as a global company.

At Best World, we want you to realize your full potential. We value creativity, dedication and diversity, knowing our strength flows from better ideas. Openness is more than a design feature of our offices, it is the way we operate.



Balance is the key to a wholesome life. We hope to help our customers and partners find harmony in their way of life, physical health as well as inner emotional and mental wellness.


We value truthfulness and sincerity and are always ready to be held accountable for our products and actions.


We pursue life with positivity and ardently challenge ourselves to be a pioneer in new technologies, innovations and trends so as to become a better organisation.


People are the core of our business and the reason why we exist. We strive to build strong relationships with our stakeholders and see all as one family interconnected with a common aspiration for a better life.

Capitalising on Direct Selling

“Our strength in direct selling has led us to expand our footprints across the region. Leveraging on the best entrepreneur platform and innovative products has been an increasingly key direction for the Group.”

Fu Ce Yu Fu Ce Yu Deputy Country Manager
BWL Singapore

Integrating In-House Capabilities

“Technology carries the promise of tomorrow. To continue fulfilling that promise, we encourage innovation within the company, and foster links with inter-departments’ professionals to enhance all levels of capabilities.”

Profile picture of Jorina Leong Jorina Leong IT Senior Manager

Delivering Operational Excellence

“Our continual improvement in processes and procedures sets a high standard for operational excellence throughout the entire company, from frontline all the way to backend. This helps us to overcome market challenges.”

Profile picture of Paul Wong Paul Wong Warehouse/ Operations Senior Manager

Connecting Distributor Network

“We provide a platform for our members to attain financial freedom via our Entrepreneur Network Programme. With our network, we can connect and expand your business network online anywhere in the world.”

Profile picture of Jansen Tang Jansen Tang Senior Country Manager, China
Senior Group Manager, Regional Membership & Commission

Ensuring Maximum Compliance

“Our solid financial fundamentals from our business resulted in strong cash reserves and a sound dividend policy to optimise shareholder value. By providing comprehensive financial information throughout the year, we ensure maximum transparency.”

Profile picture of Lisa Chan Lisa Chan Senior Finance Manager

Are you about to graduate from college or graduate school? Best World is hiring new grads. If you have limited or no job experience but a top notch educational background coupled with positive energy to move the industry forward, Best World would like to talk to you.

Please email your CV to