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Best World’s Digital Marketing in China – Updated 2021

Since developing our digital marketing strategy in 2016, Best World’s strategic focus has been creating user engagement and promoting brand loyalty through content sharing.

This involves active generation of informational content through our official accounts to engage and generate interest among like-minded consumers . The goal is to build a community of followers and users, who will share the content, their product reviews and experiences online. For a more detailed explanation, please refer to our 2019 article here.

As part of this effort, we launched our first WeChat content in March 2017. This article serves as an update to the overall progress we have made and results achieved in the last few years.

Following the launch of our WeChat and Weibo official accounts, Best World subsequently launched DR’s Secret official accounts in RED in mid-2018 and WeChat Channels in 2021 to reach different consumer profiles. While the official WeChat platform continues to bring general beauty and wellness education through long-form articles, RED and WeChat Channels focus on brand and product-centric information in short notes, reviews and short videos to cater to potential customers and current users looking for specific brand information.

In 2020, our China subsidiary launched a WeChat official local account – 全美世界, focusing on local community outreach, culture, events and activities. We also renamed our WeChat official account to BWL全美世界国际, repositioning this account for global outreach and distributing content relatable to Mandarin-speaking consumers across the globe.

BWL 全美世界国际:

Distributes contents of beauty and wellness education, product information, reviews & tips mainly in article format, catered to the global Chinese-speaking audience


Distributes contents of BWL brand values, culture, events & activities mainly in article format, catered to the China audience

WeChat Channels 皙之密DRsSecret:

Distributes short video contents of brand & products

皙之密 DR’s Secret:

Distributes contents of product & beauty tips in short notes

皙之密 DRsSecret:

Distributes bite-sized contents of brand and product information, testimonials & tips

Community Engagement Results

Followers are on a steady increase

In October 2021, our global WeChat official account (BWL 全美世界国际) has grown to 87,273 followers in a span of 4.5 years.

Retrieved from BWL全美世界国际WeChat official account on 13 October 2021.

Our local WeChat official account (全美世界) has 16,139 followers to date.

Retrieved from全美世界WeChat official account on 13 October 2021.

WeChat Channels (皙之密DRsSecret) has 2,334 followers to date.

Retrieved from皙之密DRsSecret WeChat Channels on 18 October 2021.

RED official account (皙之密DR’s Secret) has 19,744 followers to date.

Retrieved from皙之密DR’s Secret RED official account on 13 October 2021.

Weibo official account (皙之密DRsSecret) has 4,475 followers to date.

Retrieved from 皙之密DRsSecret Weibo official account on 13 October 2021.

WeChat reach and engagements through “sharing”

Our community-centric approach continues to see success through the encouraging results shown via WeChat analytics. The main source of our WeChat post views continues to come from our “pushed contents” (公众号会话) and “sharing” (聊天会话 & 朋友圈). Please refer to Screenshots 1a and 1b.

Screenshot 1A

WeChat: BWL全美世界国际 – Source of post views – Sep 2021

Views from pushed contents (公众号会话):

28,341 views = 39.01% of total views

Views from sharing (聊天会话 & 朋友圈):

15,329 + 15,780 = 31,109 views = 42.82% of total views

Screenshot 1B

WeChat: 全美世界 – Source of post views – Sep 2021

Views from pushed contents (公众号会话):

5,832 views = 23.13% of total views

Views from sharing (聊天会话 & 朋友圈):

7,979 + 5,200 = 13,179 views = 52.28% of total views

Growing engagements on RED and Weibo

Retrieved from 皙之密DR’s Secret RED official account and 皙之密DRsSecret Weibo official account on 13 October 2021.

To date, 182 Notes have been posted on RED (笔记数); our Notes have obtained 12,000 likes (点赞) and been saved/ collected (收藏) by RED users for 9,598 times.

As of 13 October 2021, there were 451 unique Weibo users who have published posts on Weibo with mention of the topic #皙之密# (原创人数); the topic #皙之密# have been discussed 7,579 times on Weibo (讨论次数); the posts with the topic #皙之密# have been read 3.067m times (阅读次数).


Over the years, Best World’s marketing strategy of user engagement and creating brand loyalty through content sharing among users has produced promising results, as reflected through the number of followers, reach and engagement statistics. The expansion of our social media channels and adopting the right content strategy for each platform has created greater brand awareness, interest and stronger brand credibility.

As digital trends are constantly changing, we need to constantly monitor trends closely and update our strategy to relate better to our target audiences. We encourage everyone to follow us on our official social media channels.