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The Avance story – from health supplements to lifelong success

Dr Doreen Tan, co-founder of Best World International (BWI), was recently interviewed by Singapore renowned Chinese newspaper, “Lianhe Zaobao”. She shared in the interview the journey of founding health supplement brand, Avance, and unveiled the secrets behind the company’s success in the last 33 years.

Best World International began its journey with the establishment of Avance – a health supplement brand dedicated to support health-conscious individuals and families worldwide with good health by providing high-quality products. Since its inception, Avance has been widely favoured by customers for its excellent product quality and health benefits.

During the interview, Dr Tan mentioned that the initial team of seven staff members has grown into a regional workforce of 500 staff members. The company has also expanded its product offerings from Avance health supplements to skin care, beauty devices and personal care products. At present, the company’s presence extends to over 20 markets in Asia, the Middle East, Europe and the United States, with a network of hundreds of thousands of independent distributors and members.

To maintain stringent control over its product ingredients, formulation and quality, BWI has a dedicated product team that pays meticulous attention to the standards of its raw materials, finished products and product efficacy. Additionally, the company also owns a fully automated health supplements product packaging line in Singapore that adheres to the strict guidelines of Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP).

The last 3 years of the pandemic saw BWI encountering several challenges. Fortunately, the company had embarked on digitalisation since 2016. With established websites, e-commerce platforms and strong social media presence, the pandemic became a catalyst for the company to expand its online business, transcending geographical boundaries and turning crisis into opportunity.

During this period, BWI actively conducted online trainings for its global network of independent distributors. Through utilising e-commerce, BWI expanded its product reach to more regions, including Asia, Europe and America, thereby establishing new customer bases, particularly among digitally savvy young customers.

Dr Tan believes that the key to a direct selling company’s ability to attract more distributors is its trustworthy products that the distributors can be proud of.

“The user reviews shared on our websites and social media are the pride of the company. These authentic reviews are not bought, but willingly shared by members and customers who have experienced the benefits of our products.”

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Source: Lianhe Zaobao

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